Final Lesson plan For B.ed English- Nelson Mandela (Class 10)


Final Lesson Plan: English

Name of the School-

Class- 10th


Trainee Teacher Name-

Subject- English

Topic-Nelson Mandela: Long walk to freedom.


Duration-45 minute

Content :

(i) Definition Of Nation, Democracy, and Equality.

(ii) About Nelson Mandela and his thoughts.

(iii) Story Extracted from his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom Mandela Speaks about a historic occasion, the Inauguration ".

(iv) Mandela's thinking (views) when he becomes president of South Africa.

 General Objective :

(i) To learn how an individual can challenge unjust systems and contribute to creating a fair society.

(ii) Students will be able to learn how Mandela fought or an individual can fight against racial injustice.                                                                                                                

Recapitulation : 

Q1. What is apartheid?
Q2. What did Mandela pledge to do for his countrymen?
Q3. How did Mandela's "Hunger for Freedom " Change his life?

Diagnosing the weakness for Remedial Measures :

The teacher will take appropriate steps to remedial measures if the students are seen facing problems.

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