What is Gender, B.Ed. Topic


Gender is a social classification of a person's biological sex and that also decides the person's behavior towards society, it also decides the person's living style, restrictions, and freedom. Gender is something that refers to the socio-cultural definition of men and women that varies according to place and time.
The social roles and behavior assigned to a person are based on their sexual differences. gender is different from sex.


Sex means a person's biological status, there are several indicators of biological sex.

Gender problems in schools.

Gender equality in education is very important, if students get gender-biased free education then only we will be able to make a gender-biased free society. Educators need to gain an understanding of gender issues. Society treats a male child differently and a female child differently, society always gives preferences for a male child in education but doesn't give a girl child's education importance. 

The solution to the problems in school.

A teacher should create an awareness in society that how a girls child's education is important for everyone.
A teacher should encourage the parents to send girls children to school.
A teacher should organize co-curricular activities prescribed by the different boards and encourage girls to participate so that they can express themselves and people will understand that girl's child can do everything.
I believe teachers can do many things to solve the problem of gender inequality in society.

Policies on gender-related issues.

The national policy on empowerment of women 2001. The policy focuses on promoting a gender-sensitive curriculum for addressing gender discrimination at all levels of education. Gender concerns in education have also been reflected in curriculum frameworks developed by national organizations like the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

To resolve gender biases in schools, a teacher must adopt a participatory approach in the teaching and learning process. To make the classroom environment gender-inclusive.
To enhance the participation of the girls in school education the government has started lots of programs.
The National Scheme of Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education was launched in May 2008. It aims to promote enrollment of girl children in the age group of 14-18 at the secondary stage, especially those who passed Class 8, and to encourage secondary education among girls. ( for more details about the scheme prefer government documents).


Books have a very important role to maintain gender equality in society. Tex books are designed by expert faculties and they always try to maintain gender equality in text.

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