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Definition of Creativity
- Creativity is a quality that comes inborn. We may say creativity is not a skill that can be learned in the classroom or in any other place,  but it's a quality that comes automatically, but it can be sharpened in the classroom. some people say that creativity is a form of talent but it's a uniqueness, uniqueness in work. creating something new and good.

creativity means a special talent, creating something in a new manner, ideas perception's many more. If someone works more than others with the same process means he is not creative. creativity doesn't require training. Creativity refers to the ability to produce something that is new and valuable. good education, proper care and provision of opportunities for creative expression inspire, stimulate and sharpen the creative mind, and it is in the same sphere that parents, society, and Teachers make a significant contribution. The educational process therefore should be aimed at developing creative abilities among children. This can be achieved by acquainting the teachers and parents with the real meaning of the creative process and the ways and means of developing and nurturing creativity.

  Creativity means the power of the mind to form new ideas and thoughts, power of mind refers to some activity of the mind like the imagination of something new ( it may be some device development idea, or some poem or any art, and many more things that new ), something special, something new for itself as well as others, comes from being able to wonder, appreciate and think about things and be inspired by them.

If someone has creative ideas and not acting on it means that person is not creative. A person uses their creative ideas to do something means the person is creative. Creativity is a process of bringing new into being. Becoming a creative person requires certain abilities like passion and commitment. I someone finds something new in life it needs to come out to everyone. everywhere we have creative persons in agriculture, industry, games, and technology ... people use their ideas to develop things better way or do things in better ways rather than as going on traditionally and they will get recognition when the ideas come to true means the result comes to in front of people otherwise creativity dies with that mind. so thinking creatively is not a creative person, the creative idea has to be given a shape then it will be recognized. There are several surveys about creativity, there are many people who work mechanically but very less people who work creatively. Creativity has a great role in literature, art, and science. creativity is very important for the growth of the lifestyle of people, economical development of people, and nation as well.

If I talk about certain qualities of a Creative person:-

People try to get new experiences, if I say creative people are daydreamers then there is nothing wrong with that. Curiosity, thinking, and taking risks are the most common qualities, 

*(but it's not necessary to have these qualities to become a creative person because nothing can measure anyone's creativity level on any basis, because every creative person can able set new ideas and new qualities. ) 

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