Songs of Innocence and of Experience as two states of human soul.

Discuss The Songs of Innocence and of Experience As two states of the human soul.

William Blake explains two large categories in his poetry: innocence and experience, which have several similarities and differences and it present within the human soul. We can say experience is a process in which innocence leaves the human soul or a process of acquiring knowledge that slowly migrates a person away from innocence. Blake's poems portray the meanings of innocence and experience, connecting them to stages of life and to perspective. Contradiction is important for progression, Attraction, and Repulsion, Love and hate, are important to human existence. His poems are a brief representation of man's life journey from his childhood to old age. We can understand Songs of Innocence and of Experience; shows two contrary conditions of the human soul and in their antagonism, there is double-edged irony, cutting into both the tragedy and reality of the fallen existence. Innocence is tender, loving, generous, and soft but in life, it is necessary to go through distressing events and feelings of the experience to get maturity. 

Blake uses many symbols like the Lamb for innocence and Tiger for the experience. The creator of both is god, and both are important to maintain the ecosystem of the earth in the same way innocence and experience are very important to balance the human soul. These collections of poems by William Blake were published in 1789. It has simple rhyming patterns, and images of children, animals, and flowers. The songs are argumentative and reflect Blake's deep spiritual experience.

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